SEO content should have your webpage working like a well oiled machine



With our new technological age it seems that the playing field has been leveled when it comes to advertising your business. But let’s be brutally honest, no matter how big and shiny your site may be, if your content has not been set up for Search Engine Optimization then chances are you are not going to make a mark on the internet.

So what is the solution?

Of course the first and foremost obvious solution would be to make sure that you hire the top web designers to assist you with your SEO content. But this may not be enough if your chosen designers do not know the best practices when it comes to SEO; and you could simply end up with a site that misses the mark when it comes to search engines driving traffic to them. What you need to know is that search engines have now been updated to include 200 plus factors into account when doing any searches or web page ranking. So here are a few guidelines that we consider to be the SEO best practices:

  • Increase your site’s reputation, that is; your site needs to be deemed trustworthy and this means that your site needs to have HTTPs encryption in order to make it safe.
  • Familiarize yourself with domain strategy. What this means is that you need to create brand awareness as search engines are starting to focus more on a domain’s authority.
  • Look at updating how your site works on a regular basis. This pertains to the need for any site to be able to work on several platforms including mobile devices and multi-language set ups.
  • Content is another huge aspect of your site and needs to be informative and of the highest quality.
  • Users want to be “entertained” and “educated” thus your site has to give users the unique experience that they are looking for.
  • Ensure that your site is able to load rapidly and is responsive at all times even on mobile devices.

The main thing to remember is that consumers have advanced and we now have to cater for and focus on a society who expects immediate satisfaction. With this said there are several pitfalls that you definitely do not want to fall into and should work to avoid at all cost.


What NOT TO DO when it comes to SEO 2015:

There is one word that will send a cold shiver down the spine of anyone who is using the internet for marketing and that is SPAM! Yes, this one word can ruin your business for a long time so it needs to be avoided at all costs and here is what could cause your site to be branded in this negative way:

  • Don’t use excessive banner advertising or repeated calls to action on your site.
  • Don’t use irrelevant images or poor image placement.
  • Don’t have poorly edited or awkwardly written SEO content.
  • Avoid excessive outbound links or broken links as this will certainly red flag your site.

Even when done unintentionally these “spam like” habits will seriously have a negative effect on your site. If you consider that your primary aim of all marketing or SEO content should be to gain trust then it makes these sense that you should look reputable and come across as professional.

Website Audit: what should be considered?

Staying up to date with how search engines such as Google are advancing, is what makes any web design company stay on top of their game and we believe that all customers need to be treated as individuals and have a site that will favor their product and services. Google implemented several “audit” methods to weed out poor web sites; knuckle down on spam sites and simply improve the overall quality of what users where being exposed to. And the result was two “filters” that were set to get to the heart of issues that many people where experiencing.

The first was Penguin which was launched in 2012. What Penguin focused on was identifying and penalizing poor quality backlinks as well as over optimization of text that had exact anchor matching. It was one of those moments when top sites needed to relook at their content and backlinks in order to not be penalized. Certain top sites lost more than 57% of their visibility when Penguin was first introduced. With the recent updates sites need to make sure that use top quality backlink profiles that match relevant domains and offer text that matches the original site.

Another update to be implemented in 2011 was Panda. What Panda did was focus on primarily filtering out any sites that had duplicate, poor and thin content. Any site that seemed to have too much “spammy” type of qualities also lost rankings and even top sites such as eBay were not spared a very severe blow with Panda’s method of auditing. So the sole means of ensuring that your site actually keeps the Panda satisfied is to make sure that each page offers a unique and comprehensive content that is relevant to your page. So if you choose to have over 100 pages on a website or linked to your website each page has to meet all the requirements in order to give your site a high ranking.

Basically when it comes to any type of SEO that needs to pass with highest ranking after any audit it only makes sense that your SEO content needs to meet all of Google’s standards. While Search Engine Optimization needs to be at the top of your to-do-list when it comes to website development and design; you need a specialized team who also understands all the finer details of getting your site ranked first on every search.

So in a nutshell your SEO content needs to work for you without putting your site at risk of being ranked in the bottom; it is the key element of all search engine optimization sites.While playing the whole “ranking game” may seem a bit over the top; it is in truth much more than just being able to capture an audience; because now you first need to capture a search engine in order to even be seen by your target audience!